3 in 1 Signature Shaper (Best seller for C-section and Diastasis Recti)

Product Description

#1 Best Seller

This is the leading brand of postpartum shapers in the industry. This girdle provides the most amount of coverage for a post-baby body and works perfectly for c-sections and diastasis recti. Using this splint in conjunction with restorative exercises for your diastasis recti helps to strengthen your core muscles. In addition, the stretchy breathable fabric provides the gentle support that some women desire postnatal. While at the same time, it also provides the option to increase the firmness around your waist to help reduce the size of your abdomen. 

  • Use all 3 pieces or just 1 as needed
  • High quality
  • Breathable fabric
  • C-section belly band
  • Diastasis recti tummy stint
  • Can be worn underneath clothing
  • Functions to help support postpartum recovery, provide good back posture and reduce size of abdomen after the birth of a baby.
  • Velcro allows for easy adjustable sizing to fit your specific needs 


Note: This garment runs true to size

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